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Shower tile grout cleaning - Industrial floor cleaning machine - Lil wayne ft chuckie too clean.

Shower Tile Grout Cleaning

shower tile grout cleaning

    tile grout
  • A rich or strong cementitious or chemically setting mix used for filling tile joints.

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Cleaning Joints

Cleaning Joints

Since I used very watery thinset to set these tiles, the tile joints got clogged with thinset drool. I used a pneumatic handheld router (like a dremel tool) with a carbide grout saw bit to remove thinset from between the tiles, in order that the grout could fully penetrate the joints.

Before Our Techs Perform Tile & Grout Cleaning on a Ceramic Shower

Before Our Techs Perform Tile & Grout Cleaning on a Ceramic Shower

Some showers require a restoration cleaning process which is much more intensive and time consuming than the tile and grout cleaning process. We specialize in tile and grout restoration and our process is somewhat proprietary so we do not describe the details over the internet.

shower tile grout cleaning

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