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Teeth Cleaning System

teeth cleaning system

  • Each of a set of hard, bony enamel-coated structures in the jaws of most vertebrates, used for biting and chewing

  • (tooth) something resembling the tooth of an animal

  • A similar hard, pointed structure in invertebrate animals, typically functioning in the mechanical breakdown of food

  • An appetite or liking for a particular thing

  • dentition: the kind and number and arrangement of teeth (collectively) in a person or animal

  • (tooth) hard bonelike structures in the jaws of vertebrates; used for biting and chewing or for attack and defense

teeth cleaning system - Orawave DentuWave

Orawave DentuWave Power Teeth, Gums and Denture Cleaning System

Orawave DentuWave Power Teeth, Gums and Denture Cleaning System

The DentuWave Teeth, Gums and Denture Brush is the first power system designed especially for seniors. 80% of Americans, over 65, suffer from some form of arthritis. The battery operated power, easy push ON and push OFF operation and the ergonomic handle make brushing much easier for anyone with stiff joints. The patented twin full-size oscillating heads offer twice the cleaning action of typical single oscillating head toothbrushes, and the denture cleaning head has been especially designed to make your full and partial dentures sparkle.

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Some things to think about...

Some things to think about...

Glory in the Highest

by Rob Brezsny©

Thousands of things go right for you every day, beginning the moment you wake up. Through some magic you don't fully understand, you're still breathing and your heart is beating, even though you've been unconscious for many hours. The air is a mix of gases that's just right for your body's needs, as it was before you fell asleep.

You can see! Light of many colors floods into your eyes, registered by nerves that took God or evolution or some process millions of years to perfect. The interesting gift of these vivid hues comes to you courtesy of an unimaginably immense globe of fire, the sun, which continually detonates nuclear reactions in order to convert its body into light and heat and energy for your personal use.

Did you know that the sun is located at the precise distance from you to be of perfect service? If it were any closer, you'd fry, and if it were any further away, you'd freeze. Here's another one of the sun?s benedictions: It appears to rise over the eastern horizon right on schedule every day, as it has since long before you were born.

Do you remember when you were born, by the way? It was a difficult miracle that involved many people who worked hard on your behalf. No less miraculous is the fact that you have continued to grow since then, with millions of new cells being born inside you to replace the old ones that die. All of this happens whether or not you ever think about it.

On this day, like almost every other, you have awoken inside a temperature-controlled shelter. You have a home! Your bed and pillow are soft and you're covered by comfortable blankets. The electricity is turned on, as usual. Somehow, in ways you're barely aware of, a massive power plant at an unknown distance from your home is transforming fuel into currents of electricity that reach you through mostly hidden conduits in the exact amounts you need, and all you have to do to control the flow is flick small switches with your fingers.

You can walk! Your legs work wonderfully well. Your heart circulates your blood all the way down to replenish the energy of the muscles in your feet and calves and thighs, and when the blood is depleted it finds its way back to your heart to be refreshed. This blessing recurs over and over again without stopping every hour of your life.

Your home is perhaps not a million-dollar palace, but it's sturdy and gigantic compared to the typical domicile in every culture that has preceded you. The floors aren't crumbling, and the walls and ceilings are holding up well, too. Doors open and close without trouble, and so do the windows. What skillful geniuses built this sanctuary for you? How and where did they learn their craft?

In your bathroom, the toilet is functioning perfectly, as are several other convenient devices. You have at your disposal soaps, creams, razors, clippers, tooth-cleaning accessories: a host of products that enhance your hygiene and appearance. You trust that unidentified scientists somewhere tested them to be sure they're safe for you to use.

Amazingly, the water you need so much of comes out of your faucets in an even flow, with the volume you want, and either cold or hot as you desire. It's pure and clean; you're confident no parasites are lurking in it. There is someone somewhere making sure these boons will continue to arrive for you without interruption for as long as you require them.

Look at your hands. They're astounding creations that allow you to carry out hundreds of tasks with great force and intricate grace. They relish the pleasure and privilege of touching thousands of different textures, and they're beautiful.

In your closet are many clothes you like to wear. Who gathered the materials to make the fabrics they're made of? Who imbued them with colors, and how did they do it? Who sewed them for you?

In your kitchen, appetizing food in secure packaging is waiting for you. Many people you've never met worked hard to grow it, process it, and get it to the store where you bought it. The bounty of tasty nourishment you get to choose from is unprecedented in the history of the world.

Your many appliances are working flawlessly. Despite the fact that they feed on electricity, which could kill you instantly if you touched it directly, you feel no fear that you're in danger. Why? Your faith in the people who invented, designed, and produced these machines is impressive.

It's as if there's a benevolent conspiracy of unknown people that is tirelessly creating hundreds of useful things you like and need.

There's more. Gravity is working exactly the way it always has, neither pulling on you with too much or too little force. How did that marvel ever come to be? By some prodigious, long-running accident? It doesn't really matter, since it will continue to function with astounding efficiency whether or not you understand it.

Meanwhile, a trillion other elements of nature's miraculous design are expressing themselves perfect

gunner's return

gunner's return

Wow, we had a scare the end of last week...

Gunner, Seamus, and I headed out for our evening walk. It was a beautiful evening and I usually walk the Boys off their leads. Unbeknownst to me, Gunner caught the scent of something in the gutter. I turned around and he was wolfing it down. Now I never worry about him, as I've only had to take him to the Vet 3 times in 11 years and 2 of those were for teeth cleaning. On our later nighttime walk he seemed off, I had to cajole him along and he was staggering a bit as if he was sore. I awoke to him bringing up near the bed. I took him out for the morning walk, thinking he had simply gotten some rotten food (looked like chicken). When he hit the first step he fell face first onto the ground (he rarely falls, as he is incredibly agile). Something just wasn't right as he staggered down the alley as if he was drunk. Luckily I took him to the Vet straight away. They speculated that it was either poison or some type of toxin. It worked so rapidly as it started to shut down his kidneys and liver. Add to that a damaged spleen from the fall and this little mite was in trouble. It turned out that whatever he ate developed into a neuro-toxin. They put him on an IV to flush his system and he perked up. But he needed a couple of days of continued care. However, he is so fragile that the kennels freak him out. The Vet read it correctly that he would be better at home...

This is the first shot from his return and you can see that he is still quite rummy...


Thank you all so much for your kind words, I truly appreciate them.

Gunner is almost all the way back. The kind vet, Dr. Lowrie, said it would take about a week, and he still tires far more easily than I expected, but he has his old sparkle...even let out his beautiful, mournful howl yesterday just before his lunchtime walk (sure wish I could get him to do that on cue...). So we dodged another bullet and are almost ready to chase the bears again!

teeth cleaning system

teeth cleaning system

Vantec Accessory Hdc-800a Hdcs Hard Drive Cooling System 80mm Cooling Fan Retail New

Warranty - 1 Year. CPU, Memory, Systems, Notebooks, and Software products are not returnable for Credit. Condition and terms A 15 days from date of invoice; during first 7 days no restocking fee will be charged in most cases, provided item(s) are returned as new, unopened, complete and in re-sellable condition. After 7 days a 15% restocking fee will apply. The customer can have a replacement of items purchased during first 30 days of invoice date. The customer must notify us within 24 hours if they receive a defective product in order to receive RMA # and get credit.

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